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5 Things to Consider when Buying Your First Guitar

Shopping for your first guitar is the initial step towards becoming an inspirational musician or guitarist. However, it can also be overwhelming since guitars come in various makes and models.

Here’s your ultimate guitar buying guide to help you simplify the process of finding the best suitable beginner guitar for you.

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The Right Guitar

Each guitar category features a different sound and playable characteristics. With countless guitar styles available in the market, each one influences the personality and taste of a musician.

The primary factor of concern is that the instrument must inspire you and compel you to practice more frequently. However, beginners are advised to seek professional assistance which will help them make their decision in advance and narrow down choices considerably.

If there’s a guitar you’re interested in, do your research. A popular brand name doesn’t always ensure a high-quality product. So, gather information regarding different makes and models and read reviews.

Research suggests that if beginners are inspired by an instrument, they’ll get better at it much faster. Moreover, their favorite bands and music styles indicate which beginner guitar they should buy.

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Acoustic VS. Electric Guitar

Acoustic guitars are designed to produce a rich sound without additional electric amplification. Among all types of guitars, they’re commonly used in genres such as rock, country, folk, and bluegrass. An acoustic guitar can be amplified with a removable pickup and provides a bright sound that is great for playing chords.

On the other hand, the electric guitar is by far the most commonly used style in modern music. Though they produce a faint sound on their own, they have the potential for a variety of sounds when connected to an amplifier. Electric guitars are quite popular inmetal, rock, pop, jazz, blues, and country music. Not only are they easier to play than acoustic guitars, but also come in many sizes that make them an impeccable choice for beginners. Moreover, they’re versatile and can produce multiple tones.

Many performers use acoustic guitars for large-scale venues since these models are made with built-in microphones or pickups.

These guitars function exactly like an acoustic guitar but can also be plugged in and amplified through an amp when needed. Most of them have certain levels of tone control in the form of an onboard equalizer.

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Things to Look for In a Guitar

Some of the guitar manufacturers may save costs by putting minimal labor into the final setup. When shopping for your first guitar, here are a few things to look for.

·      Tune

Find someone at the store to help you get the guitar to standard tuning and ask them to play a few chords. If the playing sounds poor, the instrument is difficult to play. Moreover, a tuned guitar will allow you to check its action. Guitar action (height of strings over fretboard) helps determine how a guitar feels to play.

Image Filename: checking-guitar-fretboard

Image Alt Text: Checking the guitar’s fretboard

·      Guitar Neck

Check the guitar’s neck for any bends, curves, bow, or back bow as they can make playing difficult – especially for beginners. Your guitar must have a straight neck to prevent the strings from hitting the frets during play. Seek professional assistance to identify underlying problems with the guitar’s neck.

·      Distance Between the Strings and Fretboard

The guitar’s bass depends on the way strings relate to the fretboard. Check the guitar action to make any adjustments. However, if the strings are super far at the point where the guitar’s neck and body meet, look for another instrument.

Checking the guitar’s fretboard

·      Fret Board

It’s important for you to comfortably reach the entire fretboard when playing the guitar. Run your finger along the neck to see if there are any ends of the metal frets sticking out. However, it doesn’t mean that the brand or model is unreliable.

·      Condition of the Guitar Electronics

When buying an electric guitar, have it plugged into an amp to check all the switches. Turn all the knobs a few times to make sure they’re all in working condition. If they produce crackling sounds, they may be dirty.

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