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Boris Johnson’s New Points Based Immigration System Revealed

For quite a while Boris Manley remains promoting by having an Australian style Immigration system for the United kingdom. This process should allocate suggests tightly control the figures of migrants entering the United kingdom..

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In those times Boris has elevated the press and possesses written articles that have all strongly hinted precisely how this points-based system works. Now Mr. Manley could be a senior area of the cupboard, because the Foreign Secretary he’ll have plenty of influence and you will be area of the decision-making team who certainly get the task of working see the completely new United kingdom immigration system works. We’ve decided to notice a little fun with imagining what could be. So to keep things interesting only we are feeling Boris Johnson’s new points-based immigration system perform such as this.

After analysing his previous remarks maintaining true with Mr. Johnson’s own covering them we’ve pieced together how points will most likely be awarded underneath the new plan. We’ve also taken into consideration his status just like a ladies man!

It comes down lower lower as unsurprising the Australian PM has cordially welcomed Mr. Johnson’s appointment as they won’ doubt see this just as one excellent showcase for Australian immigration control and exactly how their points system works effectively.

Let’s give a little background for that Australian points-based system. Points are awarded the following:

Age Around 45 years of age an individual receives points for age

Qualification – The greater the qualification the greater points awarded

Experience – over 8 years experience bring maximum points during this section

Family links – additional points may be awarded

Languages – British brings the very best amount of points while another language will prove to add points

Profession – An individual’s skills needs to be looked for after in the Condition additionally to federal level

To qualify to join up an individual must secure 60 points at least.

We’ve compared the Australian points criteria to folks we imagine Boris Manley desire to award points, allowing anyone to go into the United kingdom:

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Age 18-35 – maximum points and single

36-24-36 would be the maximum points Boris will most likely be awarding for presentation

Profession Around twenty Points are awarded if you’re too wealthy to operate

10 Bonuses are awarded for anybody that can navigate manchester round the push bike and turn alive

Final 50 points are created for everybody who likes Michael Gove

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