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DC’s Stargirl Season Two Overview

The second season of DC’s Stargirl is well underway now on The CW with the main young heroes of the superhero team finally beginning to realize that perhaps there may be a bigger bad guy to face than Richard Swift/The Phantom (needlessly replacing the fan-favorite villain’s The Joker and Two-Face). There are many familiar faces returning for this second season, though the first two seasons established several characters that will be around for quite some time. One of the most interesting new faces is actress Sarah Michelle Gellar as Stargirl herself. While we’ve seen her in the past on other television shows such as Angels and Smallville, this will be her first live-action role. This first episode is full of great character moments as Stargirl makes an appearance in front of the team and engages in some classic superhero battle scenes against The Leader (The Flash) and The Rook.

Quick Rundown

Although this series based on the DC comic book of the same name already had an amazing run last year, it certainly has the potential to be even better this year. With an already great season behind them, perhaps the writers are working to improve upon what came before. For those unfamiliar with Stargirl: A Space Opera, it is a story that follows a group of space explorers who are stranded in the universe of Post-World War II, produced by Geoff Johns. In these rare circumstances, they are forced to work together to fight against an impending invasion of an unknown force.

 Big Questions

The biggest question most people have is whether Team Stargirl has actually been fractured as much as it seems. With the reveal that Teal’ech is now The Leader, there seems to be a divide amongst the team. Whilst Peter is now in command of the team, Ray is distancing himself from them. On the other hand, SG1 has had trouble following the original mission given to them by The SGC. While Teal’ech is busy putting The Alliance back together, SG1 has apparently been out of commission ever since the events of Oded Gabbron and Oteiza.

This leaves fans wondering what exactly has happened to the team, and whether or not it will ever get back together. The answer lies in the season premiere of Stargirl. Although there is no real information available, one fan has put together some possible theories, which you can read below. There is also a gallery of photos available, which you can access below.

Looking Into the Future

It is unknown at this time if the member will make a huge impact on the team in the future. If not, then the introduction of Dazzle Sugg may be just enough to rejuvenate the DC comic book superhero’s fan base. For more information, check out this Geiger video. However, if things work out, then she could become an important member of the team in the future. Based on the number of people who want to see Dazzle Sugg join up, it is safe to assume that she will be joining the team in some form.

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