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Everything You Need To Know Before Throwing A Bowling Alley Birthday Party

Bowling can be fun and exciting and enjoyed by all ages, making it an ideal party place. Spice up the birthday bash with snacks and drinks post-game. Along with the fun, bowling parties are also affordable, in contrast to fancy dinner treats. A seamless way to find a decent bowling place is to type the best bowling alley near me, and you will find several results to explore.

How to play

Here are different bowling plays.

Ten-pin bowling offers ten rounds. Each round is called a frame. In one frame, each player has two chances to hit the skittle. Skittles are pins, and you need to roll the ball at the pins.

Dual lane style

The game commences on two adjoining lanes. Opponents from both teams, trios or doubles, will bowl one frame successively and in order on one bowling lane.

Singe lane style

The game takes place on a single lane. Opponents from both teams, trios or doubles, will bowl one frame successively and in order one bowling lane till ten frames are completed.

Bowling tips

A few things that help bowlers achieve all pins in the first ball is to be attentive and patient. The tips mentioned can be beneficial for beginners as well as experts.

Maintain balance

For proper balance, your initial step should be short, followed by slightly larger steps.

Aim for strikes/ spares

A bowler has three options to aim. The first is the foul line, the second is the lane, and the third is the target. To hit the target, the player has to focus, aim in the correct direction and avoid applying extra force, as that would disturb the aim.


There are three holes on a bowling ball, one for the thumb and the other two for the index and middle finger. Balls come in different weights. 7-10 pounds are for young adults, while the 11–16-pound balls are for professionals.

foul line

Avoid crossing the foul line. Otherwise, you will not get points for that roll.

Rolling the ball

There is a technique to spin the ball that comes with practice. A pro tip is to run and throw the ball forwards and towards the ground with your hand.

Don’t lift the ball

lifting the ball is against the rules and might disturb your aim.

Precautions to take while bowling

  • Remember, bowling lanes are greased and slippery, so watch your step. Don’t get too carried away that you end up with a fractured hip.
  • Visit places that pop up at the top of your best bowling alley near me results and always check for reviews to know whether the bowling alley follows precautions and offers quality service.
  • Crossing the foul line increase the risk of injury
  • If by chance you cross the foul line and are safe, clean your shoes before bowling
  • Wear socks so that the rented bowling shoes fit better
  • Never bowl with heavier balls and those that don’t give a proper grip.

You are now ready for your bowling birthday party, go ahead and enjoy, but don’t forget to follow the tips and precautions.

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