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Nominees for the 6th annual MY MUSIC BLOCK TV AWARDS are finally announced! in a statement released;


Congrats are in order for these following nominees!

  1. Subjective Visions Music
  2. Cletus Yesk
  3. Cheryl Manuel
  4. Phantom Power
  5. Sharon Manuel
  6. Matt Thompson
  7. Eye’z
  8. J.Swann
  9. Alien Amor
  10. Maurice Jenkins
  11. Amanda Grace
  12. Serkan Aktaş
  13. Pam R. Johnson Davis
  14. Shannon Hughes
  15. Voice Of Addiction
  16. Tino Martinez Quintet
  17. The American Hotel System
  18. Maurice the music
  19. Minus 2
  20. Kelly Jean
  21. To da T productions
  22. NaNas
  23. Aushanna Thomas
  24. Koser
  25. Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold
  26. Devier Avery
  27. Gregory Hickman Williams
  28. Town Bizz JS Sports
  29. Todd Smith
  30. Diromee
  31. Heaven
  32. Diane Kaufman

With special appearances by You Feel Me TV KEKE Dreams with special performances by StunnaLotuz and hosted by Dr. Wright Alien Amor is nominated for the 5th year in a row and if won she will make history

‘There are so many nominees who have great stuff such as Amanda Grace Matt Thompson The American Hotel System and Cletus Yesk, we can’t wait to see them get their awards this year!’ MB staff member

On August 27th 5 pm this year’s ceremony is promised to be concise and sweet.

With hand sculpted awards MMBTVA’S were very selective this year

To get on the guest list please email press@mymusicblocktvawards.com

Please on Instagram and youtube for nomination categories https://linktr.ee/mmbawards

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