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Prices Of Tickets In The American Multi-Cinema

The American Multi-Cinema which is called the AMC is the world’s largest theatre chain. It is having a more number of theatres in the various locations in the US and also other countries of the south and NorthAmerica. This is the best theatre that is providing the various new movies that areavailable in different languages. You can even find the south Indian movies in this theatre chain. The AMC Ticket prices are costly but it is more valuable for its luxury and comfort. The entertainment that the customers are getting while watching the movie will be high and this will make them realize the affordability of the price.

Ticket prices for the AMC Dine-In showtimes

The AMC Ticket pricesfor the various show times like the morning, noon, afternoon and evening are present. It is always important for the viewers to look for the ticket price on the website and plan your budget for a movie here. It is a more interesting one for the viewers as they will get the various ticket rates according to the age. They are listed below

  • For a morning show, the adult (dine-in) is $ 6.99. This is the same for the children from 2 to 12 years old and also the people who are above sixty years of age.
  • For a noon show, the adult (dine-in) is $ 12.39. But for the children and the senior citizens, the price is of the ticket is $10.89.
  • For the afternoon and evening show time, adult (dine-in) is $14.89. While for the children and the senior citizen the price of the ticket is $11.89 and $ 13.39 respectively.

Imax 3D ticket price

The price of tickets in the Imax 3D is always high as the three-dimensional view will be more real and also this is the luxurious one. The people who can afford AMC Ticket prices can enjoy watching any of the movies in three dimensions.

  • Noon showtimes

The ticket price for an adult is $18.39, for children is $16.89 and for a Senior citizen is $16.89.

  • Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Here the AMC Ticket prices for adults are $20.89 and for the children and senior citizens, the prices of the tickets are $17.89 and $19.40 respectively.

RealD 3D

This is another feature in this AMC theatre chain that is available in any of the theaters that are connected to it. You can simply check the official website to know more about the timely changes in the AMC Ticket prices. You will be notified while you are booking the tickets.

  • For the noon show, the ticket price for an adult is $16.39 and for children above two years and below twelve the ticket price is $14.89. The same price is for seniors whose age is above sixty years.
  • Afternoon and evening show times will have the ticket prices for adults are $18.89 while for the child and Senior is $15.89and $17.39 respectively.

These kinds of prices are more valuable as the theatres are more hygienic, and also help the viewers to watch in the good quality.

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