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Since Planters Plantation is the finest movie to come out of Africa in 2022, the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should seriously consider nominating it for an Oscar

A movie called The Planters Plantation was made in 1960 and directed by Eystein Young Dinghaof Cameroon. The movie’s premise was based on true occurrences in Cameroon during that country’s fight against colonial authority. The film went on to win many accolades, including Best Cameroonian Film, Best Cameroonian Actress Prize for Nimo Loveline, and Ecran D’or, which was the first prize presented to a Cameroonian film in over two decades. It was selected to represent Cameroon at the Ecran Noir Film Festival. According to the statement, Cameroon will officially submit this film to the 95th Academy Awards in the Best International Feature category. When it comes to the items that come from Africa in 2022, Planters Plantation is well ahead of the competition. You can put your money on the fact that reviews for this film will keep coming in from all around the globe.

The Academy members have to think about including Planters Plantation in their Oscar nominations for one of the top five foreign language film categories in 2023. Award-winning actress Stephanie Tum portrays a little child growing up on a farm in 1960s West Africa Cameroon in a very compelling manner. The clever daughter keeps the audience on the edge of their seats as she uses a variety of tactics and techniques of deceit to wage war on her family and society in an effort to uphold the name of her deceased father, James Whitaker. The actor from the United States, Alexander Powers, is a great contender to portray Whitaker. Whitaker is a plantation owner who is white, affluent, and evil. The portrayal of the ruthless British imperialist by Powers made a huge contribution to the film’s appeal.

Several Cameroonian and foreign artists feature in the film, including Nkem Owoh, one of the most well-known actresses in Nigeria and the recipient of several acting awards. Cameroonian actors are also included in the cast. The compelling and nuanced performance of award-winning actor Nkem takes an already riveting drama to new levels of intricacy, intensity, and suspense.

The Academy of Motion Film Arts and Sciences annually awards the International Film Festival Award, often known as the IFF Award, to a motion picture that was made outside of the United States of America and contains the majority of its dialogue in a language other than English.

No Nigerian film is eligible to be nominated for the 2023 Academy Awards in the category of International Feature Film, according to the statement issued earlier this month by the Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC). The previous several years have seen this occur repeatedly.

The film “Planters Plantation” serves as a testament to how far and how much more developed the Cameroonian film industry has gotten. Young writers like Ijang Quinny, cinematographers Nene Fembe and Lumiere Sembene, and others are putting Cameroon on the map for future film production and growth. Cameroon is becoming known for producing high-caliber movies because to its production.

Africa is regarded as one of the most economically promising places in the globe because of the continent’s potential to become home to one of the greatest commercial sectors on the planet given its current and projected populations of over a billion people. It may be financially and socially advantageous for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Hollywood film industry to collaborate with and encourage African film productions and distribution. MoneyPoolsCash neobank and payment network is the Future of Film Finance and entertainment in Africa.

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