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Support Child Gender Identity: Help Them Understand Own Gender

Understand the significance of talking with your child about gender expression and gender identity. If you think that the child doesn’t understand his gender identity, try to have am i transgender quiz

How to support a transgender child?

If the child is uncompromising about gender identity feelings, give time to listen. You can talk to the child and ask questions without any judgment. These are some helpful tips to support the child:

  1. Do not assume that the gender expression of the child is a form of defiance or rebellion.
  2. Do not stop the child from expressing gender publicly or at family activities to avoid making someone else or yourself uncomfortable. 
  3. Do not try to punish or shame the gender expression of the child.
  4. Do not block the child’s access to gender-diverse friends, resources, or activities.
  5. Do not blame the child for experiencing discrimination.
  6. Do not ridicule or belittle the gender expression of the child.

Speak positively to the child and others. You can show admiration for the child’s identity and expression. In this way, the child will not hesitate or hide the real feeling. By allowing the child to freely demonstrate preferences, you are encouraging a positive sense of self and keeping the line of communication open.

Try to let go of the fantasies you want to have about the future of the child. Instead, focus on what brings the child security and joy. A child who lived with supportive parents is likely to be a happier person.

How to deal with transgender children

Parenting children is not easy. When you are raising a transgender child amidst the transformation, a chance is often met with parental or societal resistance. The child needs support now and not tomorrow or for the next tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, transgender children receive near-constant reminders that the body and mind are not in sync. When these children are not allowed to transition, they would suffer from anxiety, depression, and an increased risk of imposing self-harm. But, there is also good news that comes to the topic. 

A developing body of research recommends your people who are receiving supportive care while transitioning lead healthy and happy lives. 

Strategies to support transgender children

There are six strategies that you can use to support transgender children:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Encourage exploration
  • Get educated
  • Create a safe area for the discussion
  • Allow the child to transition

The only key to this is to allow all young generations to explore their gender identity in a non-stigmatizing approach. The transgender youths are ultimately going to make the world a better place; creating a generation of more accepting people. The willingness to stand up or show up who they are without being judged will hopefully move society forward.

No-to gender discrimination. Help the young generation accept and get accepted by society with their gender identity.

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