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Ten Dragon Songs That Please Your Ears

I used to be watching good news program showing across the television within the waiting room, once the anchor man read all of the celebrities who’d birthdays approaching toward the final outcome within the month. One of these brilliant was Tommy James, the man sitting lower across from me recognized he’d never discovered.

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Despite the fact that James while using the Shondells has lots of hits, the first that found mind was “Draggin’ the road.” The gentleman clearly mistook my pronunciation of the specific title, thinking I’d mentioned two creatures there.

He observed that he’d heard “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” but he understood of no song name that mentioned a dragon. An uncomfortable silence ensued until I created another title, “Crimson and Clover”, they pointed out he recognized.

On the way home, though, Personally, i believed about song titles when using the word dragon, here’s their list I created.

Puff this excellent time Dragon by Peter Paul and Mary

Whether it hit is all about a particular plant or maybe a imaginary pet creature is not important, because it remains among the folk trio’s most beloved.

Dragon Attack by Queen

Its meaning remains a mysterious, along with the key reason why this track am overshadowed by “Another Bites The Dust” but another hits hanging out.

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St. George along with the Dragon by Toto

Mythology lies to music concerning this fine number inside the group’s second album, Hydra.

Red Dragon Tattoo by Fountains of Wayne

Because the title suggests, the ability pop quartet offers to get inked concerning this appealing track employing their second album, Utopia Parkway.

Your Dog along with the Dragon, Respected by Spoon

Brit Daniel addresses the title creatures within the opening song from Gimme Fiction.

Fight within the Dragon by Stevie Nicks

This tune is connected with an increasing known as Miscellaneous, numerous non-album tracks like “Stop Dragging Me Around” with Tom Petty.

Dragon Lady by Blue Oyster Cult

Highlighting an album known as Revolution By Night, this tune is a lot more a sign from the band’s appear than “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

Because The Dragonfly Flies by Icicle Works

Themselves-entitled debut demonstrated up in this region on before similar sounding Tears For Fears released, and capped the charts, with Songs Inside the Big Chair.

The Dragon Hunters using the Cure

Robert Cruz as well as the new wave band incorporated that particular on their own self-entitled debut.

The Dragon Song by Bonnie Prince Billie

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