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The music distribution service is often very much known to the artists. And also it is a crucial stage of promoting their songs. So let us be very clear about what is the music distribution service?

We can say; music distribution service is a platform form or business that assists musicians, record labels, and other content creators in distributing their music to different online retailers, streaming services, and other digital platforms. With the help of these services, musicians can release their music for download, streaming, and purchase on a variety of platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and others.

Technical aspects of providing music to these platforms are usually handled by music distribution services. These include proper file formatting, appropriate metadata, and handling licensing and rights concerns. They might also offer extra services like promotion, analytics, and marketing tools to assist musicians maximise the money they make from their music and reach a larger audience. And also they pitch your songs to different playlists. 


All the artists have a dream to be viral. They want their song to reach as many people as they want. So you’ve completed your upcoming single and researched the many ways to feature it on Spotify. You’ve also scheduled a time to produce content for social media and hired a photographer for your upcoming round of press shots. However, prior to all of that… 

How can a song be uploaded to Spotify?

Here’s where the music distribution services comes in! 

The music distribution service is as old as the music industry itself. It existed when conventional distributors supplied retailers with physical media, such as CDs, vinyl, and cassettes, and the retailers would pay the distributors once the merchants sold the media. They served as a sort of middleman between the record label and the store.

However in the digital era we are living today, the CDs are long gone. And it’s time for the streaming platforms. So in today’s era of streaming music consumption means that distributors have a distinct role to play.

They serve as an intermediary between the streaming behemoths and the record label or you, the artist (more on that later). To put it simply, the distributor uploads the new song, along with all of its metadata, to DSPs like Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and even some obscure ones. They also guarantee that social media outlets can play your song.

However, distribution encompasses far more than just delivery services. An important part of promoting your music overall is distribution. A distributor can directly pitch your music to DSPs using their connections and relationships in the aim of landing playlists that will help you get your music in front of more people.


 The entire process of getting your music in front of listeners is called music delivery. In the past, distributors and record companies have worked together to sell music in retail establishments. 

When it seems a vague question. This is actually very crucial for an artist to verify the music distribution services provided by different distributors. There’s a lot of music distributors in the market. The artist has to choose the perfect distributor that matches their criteria. The offers the distributors are providing, the customer service, etc are a lot of things to look at too, which are a very crucial part of music distribution. 


The answer to this question is yes! 

There are few streaming services that provide the artist free and independent way to distribute your music to your potential audience. However through this you can reach a group of people for sure but reaching a larger audience would be fairly problematic to reach. 

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