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When Cuthbert Was Reappointed Patron Saint

While using the Pm, Merlin the Whirlin, overlooked from office and George on strike, King Freddie had reappointed that old Patron Saint, Cuthbert, which makes them both Pm and Minister for the Atmosphere. Although Cuthbert was Freddie’s old chum and jousting partner, the King was missing a larger opinion of Cuthbert’s ability. Not just was he illiterate like Freddie themselves, but he reverted for that old means of monster control plus it was quickly losing charge of the problem. He made an appearance to get baffled using the proceedings of Parliament.

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To a new week wrestling together with his difficult responsibilities Cuthbert came back to report on their behavior towards the King. ‘I’ve had trouble in Parliament,’ he pointed out. ‘They stored on asking me questions on the monsters. There’s one particularly nasty fellow who calls themselves Your Majesty’s Loyal Leader within the Opposition.’

‘How can he be both loyal plus opposition?’ requested Freddie.

‘That’s a couple of a few things i wondered.’

‘Can we lock him inside the Tower situated in london?’

‘That’s a few things i must do, but Merlin cautioned me the person could awaken the revolting peasants – or wouldn’t it are actually a peasants’ revolt?’

‘Either way, it could appear like more trouble, and then we can’t risk that until we have solved the monster problem,’ pointed out Freddie. ‘I hear this years harvest of sheep’s made from made of woll in Gloucestershire remains burned to ashes within the fire began having a completely new hybrid monster bred at Slimbridge Wild Whatsit Trust. Wonderful that precious made from made of woll gone I’m unsure where I’ll purchase another campaign in France. Pierre will call us a highly effective cissy and Duncan’s mob might start blowing their bagpipes again within the demilitarised zone north of my wall.’

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Cuthbert seriously seriously anxiously waited with persistence for the King to complete. Eventually Freddie stopped for breath and offered his pet cat, Alexander, his goat’s milk to lure him towards the royal lap. ‘Hadrian’s Wall is well guarded, Your Magnificence, what shall we be held vulnerable to do regarding the fire-breathing dinosaurs?’

‘That’s what you are designed to let me know.’

‘I need another 1000 knights-in-armour, two 1000 good horses plus a handful of decent heat-resistant lances,’ pointed out Cuthbert.

‘We can’t possibly afford everything,’ groaned the King. ‘I won’t express it, however have belief that my only choice is to recall Merlin the Whirlin.’

‘Does meaning I’ll Not PM, PS and MFE?’ requested Cuthbert, sadly.

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