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Which Music School to Attend | Things to Keep in Mind

I want to go to music school, but where should I go?

Are you thinking about going to music school but aren’t sure where to start?

Choosing a music school may be a daunting process. When looking for the ideal music school, there are several things to take into account. Your decision on a music school will have long-term consequences for your future in the music business. Choosing a school is a big choice that should not be taken lightly, despite how much fun it may be to look at different options.

Pick the Best Music College For You with These Tips on Choosing a Music School

The School’s Address

The location of the music school you want to attend has a significant impact on both your time in school and your future music career. Keep this in mind while making your decision. Consider the connections that can be made. The city in which your music school is situated may or may not be in the region where you wish to make contacts. Students come from all over the nation, and your professors may have ties far beyond the area in which your institution is located. It is true, though, that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the city where the music school is situated. Despite the fact that it isn’t a deal-breaker, it should be taken into account nevertheless.

What Kind of Programs Can You Enroll In Here?

Do not enroll in an instrument-only program if you are planning to pursue a career in music production. It’s the same if you want to learn piano or keyboard but the music school you’re considering emphasizes more the technical part of music than the creative side. Instead of forcing your dreams and passions into a music curriculum that doesn’t fit, follow your passions and objectives. Decide on a music degree program and curriculum that are a great fit for your goals in the music business. Remember: Do you want a certificate? Another option is to get a college diploma. When it comes to degrees, do you favor an undergraduate or graduate one? Knowing these facts can help you decide how long you plan to attend music school.

What to Ask About Music Colleges

Before deciding to enroll, most students take a campus tour or attend an open house. Here’s a handy list of questions to jot down for later:

  • In order to graduate, what subjects/courses must you have taken?
  • What kind of courses are available?
  • In order to apply, what information and/or papers are required?
  • What steps are included in the selection process?
  • Can you take a class/course exam to see whether you qualify to drop it?
  • What degree of musical ability is required to enroll in the music school?
  • Is there any assistance available?
  • Is there a place to stay on the college campus?
  • Is there anything unique that your facility offers in terms of career opportunities?
  • How many students are in a typical class?

Preparation for an Audition

The most significant factor in determining your entrance to a music school is your performance in the Music School Audition. You should begin practicing for your audition at least six months in advance of the scheduled day. The most important thing to remember here is to ace your audition, no matter what music school you plan on attending. It’s best if you can rehearse in front of a music college professor before your audition throughout your audition preparation. Any suggestions they may have will only serve to help you become better. If they’re unable to, try asking a few close friends or family members for help. There is no substitute for a faculty member’s expertise when it comes to listening.

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