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Hip Hop Artist G-Hollow presents: “The People’s Champion” EP (And more!)

G-Hollow is a rapper from Potterville, Michigan. His music is influenced by artists such as Mac Miller, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa. He draws inspiration from his personal experiences, relationships, and challenges to create a diverse and engaging sound.

As a rap artist on the rise, G-Hollow is ready to take the scene by storm with an impressive series of recent and upcoming releases!Already releasing a handful of singles and an EP this year, he plans to bring his music on tour across the country to keep expanding his audience and show his true talent on stage.

Hip-hop at 50: Its global impact has surpassed that of rock 'n' roll a generation earlier - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Currently working with the Almost Famous Entertainment label, G-Hollow has released “The People’s Champion” EP on February 16th, 2024.With a total of 5 tracks, the EP showcases the rapper’s diverse sound and impactful lyrics. In addition, the quality of the song mixes really shines a light on the artist’s impactful style, bringing a really kaleidoscopic sound to the EP.

G-Hollow’s articulate delivery feels dynamic and powerful, with a special focus on combining meaningful lines with catchy vibes. The previously released single, “Spaceship,” also comes with a matching music video, as does the song “Rocky,” which is available online as well! In addition, G-Hollow has dropped some hot new merchandise, so check it out at g-hollow.com, where you can find out more!

Website: www.solo.to/ghollow_

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