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Recalling William Shakespeare Even After 400 Years & Some Popular Songs Inspired by Shakespeare –

Introduction –   

Many people wonder what did Shakespeare do for the people. He created some of the most typical and enduring and lasting works in literature and also introduced en number of words into the English language and he also falsified the British literature and culture, apart from his rest of the works. It is of no doubt, that William Shakespeare is one of the most popular personalities who has ever lived. You will not believe that his plays were written 400 years ago and it is still being played all over the globe. Moreover, it captures the universal truth about the experience of mankind and that too through the entire character. Some of the most recognizable characters are Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and there is still the chance for people to see the Shakespeare plays if they have not seen it in their entire life.

Remembering William Shakespeare –

His intricate and beautiful works goes around our everyday lives and it becomes completely impossible to talk to a chum without even making reference to something that William wrote in many ways. So, one of the most amazing and surprising things is that, even after 400 years later, people still have William on their mind and they are talking about William & his works, plays and music. You can also see some of Song inspired by Shakespeare and admire his works. Another thing, that you ought to know is that, his influence can be seen very deeply rooted in the culture. Some of the best examples of the same is Film and Theatres. Plus, he has collected some large amount of music. Besides that, there is also en number of folk, rock, rap and pop songs which has been influenced by or made reference to William.

Ophelia & Macbeth –

Let’s gander at some of the best songs inspired by William. The first is ‘Ophelia’ – The Band. It has a funky baseline and sections which are sunshine -slick horn and the title suggests that or brings the entire focus on one of Shakespeare’s most tragic figures. Some of the lyrics are – “Ashes of laughter, the ghost is clear. Why do the best things always disappear? Like Ophelia, please darken my door,” the band is using or has used the psychosis and complete demise of the song’s main character to talk about neuroses/hang-ups of a specifically hard to reach girlfriend. You can also check out the best William inspired songs on YouTube.  The next inspired song is – ‘Macbeth’ – John Cale. John just like his bandmate Reed, had a likeness for Shakespeare & directly mentions his Scottish tragedy in his track singing the lines – “Alas for poor Macbeth. He found a shallow grave, but better than a painful death and quicker than his dying breath”. These lines are very similar to Shakespeare’s popular lines – ‘Alas poor Yorick’ from Hamlet, and changing it to “Alas for poor Macbeth”.

 ‘Titus Andronicus Forever’ by Titus Andronicus –

This was referenced two times. Shakespeare’s most ghastly play sounds like some specific teenage anguish. The bands earliest work, comprises of some of the violence which is hyper which made Tarantino weep. Some of the most noteworthy examples, comprises of the scene in which Lavinia comes back to the stage, with both her hands and tongue cut off, as well as one in which the mother is fed pie which is made from the flesh of her very own son. You can also look here for, Songs Inspired By Art And Literature of both William Shakespeare and other popular ones. Also, the American band has used very simple lyrics influenced by William Shakespeare plays and they also criticized the presence of war throughout human history by singing the lyrics – “The enemy is everywhere”.

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