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Unique add-ons to look for when hiring a photo booth


A photo booth is a staple for all types of events in the ever-evolving event planning landscape. These interactive photo booths are great for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and festivals. The need for differentiation increases as photo booth demand increases. 

Custom photo backdrops

  • Most vendors provide a simple backdrop, but many offer custom options. Consider backdrops featuring your name, wedding date, location, or theme. 
  • Photo booth companies can print custom backdrops of various sizes to suit your space. It adds a personalized touch to pictures.

Scrapbooks and albums   

  • photo booth hire experiences can be made more memorable by printing pictures directly into scrapbooks or albums.
  • You can cherish these messages and photos for years to come. Albums also ensure you receive extra photo strips.

Digital downloads

  • Printed copies are only provided with basic packages. With digital downloads, you receive electronic files of all the photo booth pictures.
  • This allows you to easily share online or print additional copies for family and friends.

Fun photo booth props

  • Silly and whimsical props encourage guests to get creative, increasing the entertainment value. Make sure props include more or ask about adding more.
  • Consider themed props that match your wedding style for a cohesive look in photos. 

Custom photo templates  

  • Ask if the company can incorporate custom templates with your name, wedding date, or logo onto the photo strips and prints.
  • Guest will enjoy seeing their personal details on their photo booth pictures.

GIF capabilities

  • Some booths allow you to create animated GIFs that capture a series of poses in a looped video clip. 
  • GIFs are perfect for capturing silly moments with groups. Social media sharing is also available immediately for guests.

Green screen customization

  • The photo booth uses a green screen to create customized digital backdrops. Guests can pose with breathtaking locales, scenes from movies, or anything imaginable.
  • This takes the photos to the next level with virtual backgrounds tailored to your interests.

Social media sharing   

  • Many photo booths instantly share photos online via text, email, or social media for easy access. Guests can immediately repost their photos.
  • Some booths even display a live social media feed showing photos being shared in real-time.

Guest books

A booth guest book lets guests paste a photo from their session into a book with a note. Your guest book contains photos and can be customized.

Surprise guest messages

  • Consider having an attendant collect short video clips from guests with messages for you that get compiled into a video.
  • This video guest book adds a personal, heartwarming touch you can replay from your special day.

Make your photo booth unique by taking advantage of special add-ons. When choosing add-ons, consider your wedding theme, the preferences of you and your guests, and the overall atmosphere you want to create. In addition to providing guests with long-term memories, it also lets them share photos with others.

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